The History and Practice of Humanitarian Intervention and Aid in Africa (2013)

Editors: B. Everill & J. Kaplan (eds.) The history of humanitarian intervention has often overlooked Africa. This book brings together perspectives from history, cultural studies, international relations, policy, and non-governmental organizations to analyze the themes, continuities and discontinuities in Western humanitarian engagement with Africa. Publisher website here.

History of Aid to Laos: Motivations and Impacts (2009)

Viliam Phraxayavong From publisher website here. History of Aid to Laos is the first comprehensive publication on development assistance to the aid-dependent country of Laos. Written by a former senior Lao official in international cooperation, the book investigates the situation of a country dependent on foreign aid for more than half a century and the waysContinue reading “History of Aid to Laos: Motivations and Impacts (2009)”