The Politics of Expertise – How NGOs Shaped Modern Britain (2013)

Matthew Hilton, James McKay, Nicholas Crowson, and Jean-François Mouhot The Politics of Expertise offers a challenging new interpretation of politics in contemporary Britain, through an examination of non-governmental organisations. Using specific case studies of the homelessness, environment, and international aid and development sectors, it demonstrates how politics and political activism has changed over the lastContinue reading “The Politics of Expertise – How NGOs Shaped Modern Britain (2013)”

The History and Practice of Humanitarian Intervention and Aid in Africa (2013)

Editors: B. Everill & J. Kaplan (eds.) The history of humanitarian intervention has often overlooked Africa. This book brings together perspectives from history, cultural studies, international relations, policy, and non-governmental organizations to analyze the themes, continuities and discontinuities in Western humanitarian engagement with Africa. Publisher website here.